Meet the artist Anna Paszczynska

Anna has drawn and painted since she was a child. This passion to create art got ignited in her quite early on. Her mom is a professional artist and she used to watch her create art on a daily basis (oil paintings, pencil drawings, jewellery, etc). She wanted to study art, but her life went in a different direction.

She finished English Philology at the University of Rzeszow with Masters Degree, and she also did Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Recreation at WSIiZ in Rzeszow. 16 years ago she moved to the UK in search of a different life, after having worked as an English teacher back home. First, she briefly worked as a waitress, and then for a few years as a PA and an Office Administrator in the City of London. She continued to create art, however, that was mostly as a hobby and she hid away most things in the drawer.

Then, in 2013, her whole life turned upside down. Her son was born with a very rare genetic neurological disorder and they barely left the hospital for the first couple of years of his life. Going back to a normal job was out of the question – she became his full-time mom and carer. When things finally settled down she found the time for art again. She would line draw a lot and binge-watch online art tutorials. In 2018 she joined a local learning centre for adults – an open studio class. This is where she discovered watercolours.

This medium took her down a rabbit hole of a whole new world of creation and art therapy. It is a fairly clean medium, which is very practical around her medical and caring duties. These days she cannot imagine a life where she would not be able to create. It is a way for her to escape her daily worries and anxieties. It is like therapy, mediation. She often feels a connection with the energy surrounding us. Painting and drawing allow her to channel emotions and transmute different moods. It is like the alchemy of the surrounding etheric frequencies – either her own or the collective. She feels like she has the need to connect the 3D, the physical with the otherworldly, elusive, multi-dimensional.

What she creates is like an outlet for that energy. Anna likes exploring new angles to the painting process, mixing watercolour with line work, adding new colours, trying new compositions – she doesn’t like painting the same subject twice. In the future, she’d like to keep exploring watercolour and mixed media and possibly go more into digital art – mainly art prints and enhancing her hand-painted pieces. To see more of Anna’s art you can visit her Etsy shop, or her Instagram and Facebook accounts. Follow the link below for more information.